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Mecamidi HPP India's In house Design Experts are continuously working on R&D from CFD Calculations to Model Testing

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CFD Calculations

Mecamidi HPP India is extensively involved in Research & Development and CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) to improve efficiency and reduce cavitation. We are working closely with prestigious universities in Grenoble, Lausanne & Toulouse. 

Exclusive Research & Development in predictive turbine modeling by CFD has proved to be a performance security equivalent to the one provided by the models run into a laboratory.

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Model testing

Mecamidi HPP India Provides Dedicated Model Testing to validate Hydraulic profiles for improved efficiencies & reduced cavitation.

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Studies Office

Our House Design Experts are working continuously to adapt the profiles of runner & distributor, for catering to stringent site requirements & discharge behaviors. We also carry out the modeling of existing site to calculate & understand hydraulic issues for relevant solutions to the customers.


Turbine Desiging

With the help of advance softwares like Solid Edge we do 3D Modelling & Design of the Turbines. Our Design experts are working continuously to adapt our equipments to dedicated sites in order to deliver more efficient projects to our customers.


Finite Element Analysis

Once our profiles are selected, calculated and chosen, the mechanical pieces & interconnections with other equipments are verified before manufacturing.

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