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Energy Automation


MHPP aims to augment and modernize aged substation/grid to a modern automated power generation and distribution solution.




dg set.png




Digital control systems for Hydro power plants

  • Operation Centre based on Scada

  • Turbine Control

  • Generator control

  • Generator and Transformer protections

  • MV/HV substation control and supervision

  • Measurement Boards

  • Gate Control Systems

hydro screen.png

Provides energy parameters and other relevant to the central control station in the form  of graph, charts and other user defined widgets with advanced filters.

Advanced detection of abnormal conditions and send alerts in the form notifications,  mail, message or alarm locally or remotely. UI based advance rules logic to perform correlations on both measured and calculated data. Provide maintenance support to address abnormal operation

transformer screen.png

Specialized S/W & H/W modules for DG Automation system for various DG automation  requirements e.g. :



•MIS Systems and Fuel Measurement

•Auto Starting / Stopping ( AMF/AMR)

•Auto Synchronization

•Grid Synchronization and Export Control.

•Auto Load-Sharing

•Load Management

•Energy Management.

•SCADA Systems

dg screen.png
  • IEC 61850 Based Protection

  • IEC 60870-5-104 Based Host Communication

  • Substation Gateways And RTUS

  • AIS, GIS Metalclad And Solid Insulation Vacuity

  • Remote Communications (Optical Fiber, Rf, 3g, Broadband, VSAT) With Encryption, VPN And SSH Tunneling For Cyber Security

  • Embedded Web Servers For Field Staff Access To Vital Information And Diagnosis

  • Special Embedded Algorithms For Effective Reactive Compensation

automation screen.png

Distribution Automation for Overhead and Underground Networks using

  • Auto reclosers & Sectionalizors

  • Remote Terminal Units

  • Fault Passage Indicators

  • Phase fault indicator for MV overhead lines

  • Easier to locate faults on distribution  networks.

  • Communication option: Radio / 3G / 2G network support

  • Web based Dashboard with SCADA  integration on IEC 104

feeder screen 1.jpg
  • Digital Substation which can be controlled remotely.

  • Very Compact and quick to install

  • 50 – 70 % space saving

  • 100 % Outdoor – Minimal civil work, no building required 30% time required to erect  and commission

  • Very sophisticated Protection, Control and Automation

  • Leads to complete solution for overhead Feeder Automation Completely remote  operation using GSM/GPRS/Web access Ready for integration with any SCADA/DMS  system

substation screen.png

Energy monitoring system is used to manage all received meter readings, compute the billing cost, update the database and maintain an energy consumption profile for each user.

  • Meters/Gateways are installed at client location and connected via internet

  • Data files are sent via the internet automatically to  secure EVO servers and stored for 24/7 customer  access

  • Via web browser, customer, accesses and views data securely via user id and password

  • Demand curtailment messages to consumers during peak time

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